Moessner Family Relocation – your professional partner for relocation and Lifestyle Management in the region of Lake Zurich.

You are facing a challenge

We know from experience what a challenge you and your family face when moving house and settling into a new area. Our aim is to help enhance your quality of life and the quantity of your leisure time.

For companies too, international relocation of the management team involves a significant amount of effort. You want to ensure that your employees are introduced to their new assignments as smoothly as possible and to offer them the best possible support with their relocation. We take the burden off your Human Resources department and offer flexible and competent service locally, individually tailored to your challenges and the needs of your employees.

For everyone, an international move means a new beginning to some degree. Leaving the familiar behind and starting on new ground. You don’t have the time to take care of all the details and formalities. You want to feel happy and at home in your new workplace, but don’t have a local network to help you. A special challenge arises when your family moves with you. A move is an enormous change, especially for children. There are new surroundings, maybe a new language and there’s the challenge of finding new friends after saying goodbye to old ones. The rapid integration of our little customers is therefore a priority for us. The move is only successful when the whole family feels at home in their new environment. Your partner also needs a social network here and an understanding of the cultural situation to be able to feel comfortable.

The desire for professional help from someone who knows the area is therefore significant. We help you and your family with moving, settling in and once you’re here, with Lifestyle Management Services to deal with all the everyday chores.

We help you to meet the challenge successfully:

We offer tailor-made individual service, according to your needs, all from one source. When you work with Moessner Family Relocation you have a single point of contact, whether you want to arrange a first information-gathering trip, search for property, obtain advice about schools and child care, help with formalities, registrations and telephone connections, electricity and bank accounts as well as an introduction to everyday life in Switzerland and leisure facilities; or Lifestyle Services such as doing shopping in your absence, booking restaurants, theatre tickets and excursions, commissioning tradesmen, organising flowers and gifts for special events or planning and organising parties and events, while you dedicate your time to your work and your family.
We accompany and support you right up until you leave Switzerland and are happy to take care of all the details, so that you can already concentrate on your next assignment.

Of course we are also happy to help you with local moves within Zurich or within Switzerland and also for short term stays here.

Our Lifestyle Services fulfil the increasing desire for more leisure time, and for spending less time on everyday chores. This offer is open to everyone who is interested, independent of whether they have employed us to help with a relocation or not, and no matter whether they are expatriates or long-established residents of Zurich, who just want to make their lives a little simpler and to create more personal time for themselves and their families.

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