You and your family are always the focus of our attention. Moessner Family Relocation’s objective is to help you to achieve a better quality of life.

Our offers and services are aligned with your personal needs.

Standard or average doesn’t exist for us. The customer is King and decides for him or herself which services to make use of, to what extent and when. In this respect, the wishes of our smallest customers, your children, are just as important as your own.

Moessner Family Relocation offers professional and personal advice during and after your move.
Our work begins on the day you decide to move to the Zurich area. We take plenty of time to understand your personal needs and to determine your particular challenges. The choice of where to live depends totally on your individual circumstances and requirements. Many personal preferences must be taken into account, such as for example the question of city versus village or countryside, proximity to work, children’s facilities, leisure activities, shops and much more. This very personal situation defines the tailor-made offer for every client and determines the entire relocation process.
Our work isn’t finished even after you have settled in successfully. We would like to develop a long-term partnership with you through our Lifestyle Services. We want to make your life in Switzerland easy for you and increase the amount of time you have available for your family and/or your work. The advantage to you remains once again the same, single point of contact, who already knows your personal circumstances.

The advantage of Moessner Family Relocation  

is many years of experience in international environments, numerous moves of our own to foreign cultures, local knowledge, an extensive network and our location right in your destination area.
We are flexible, fast and completely involved with our clients. Appointments may be arranged outside the usual business hours. Quality, professionalism and integrity are our hallmarks. Customer orientation and the high demands and expectations that go with it are a matter of course for us. Our objective is to ensure that all your wishes are fulfilled, so we apply ourselves unreservedly at all times.

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