Moessner Family Relocation is a service company with the primary aim of supporting expatriates or Swiss people returning home as well as their families, helping with their move to Switzerland and continuing to help them here.

Our location:

The company is based in Herrliberg, in the heart of Zurich’s ‘Gold Coast’. The Gold Coast is the preferred place to live for many Zurichers as well as for many expatriates due to its abundance of recreational opportunities.
As Herrliberg is only 12 minutes from Zurich by train and 20 minutes by car, it means that appointments can be arranged flexibly and we are well integrated with both the city network as well as with the regional market. The short journey brings the advantage that we can bring together professional knowledge from in and around Zurich and at the same time we can strike up local partnerships.
Our proximity to the airport and local public transport are further advantages.

Canton of Zurich Company Register number: CH-
VAT registration number: 706 880

Personal background:

The founder, owner and Company Director of Moessner Family Relocation is Arabella Moessner. Born in Munich, she spent her entire school career until she was 18 in the region of Lake Zurich, before further education and her career took her to various international destinations. Among other places, she spent several years in the USA (New York and Silicon Valley), several more years in Germany (Munich and Bonn), in Austria and in France. While working as Marketing Manager for a large German company (1998-2008) she had several short-term assignments lasting a few months each in the USA and Japan as well as numerous business trips abroad (Europe, USA, Asia, Africa) while leading specific projects. As a result of her extensive travel (private and professional) as well as many years of involvement in international environments, Ms. Moessner knows only too well the difficulties that can accompany an international move, the challenges that come with settling in to life in a foreign culture as well as the lack of free time due to professional commitments. She has experienced these situations often enough at first hand. Customer service and quality are natural priorities for Ms Moessner: for many years she was responsible for satisfying the highly discerning customers of a luxury brand and she knows exactly how to meet demanding expectations.
At the beginning of 2008 Ms. Moessner returned to live by Lake Zurich again. She has a son, and so she knows about the special challenges of moving home and of everyday life with children. The city of Zurich is her home. She grew up with Swiss culture and traditions. But as she has spent half of her life abroad, she understands what it is like for people arriving in Switzerland and knows exactly what to watch out for and which services are required. Professionalism, customer orientation, local knowledge, discretion and flexibility provide a firm foundation for success.

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